okay i tried slowing down the cantina song to make it sad but instead it sounds like something that would be playing in the black lodge

OP: “okay, let’s make it sad!” *accidentally opens a portal to the universe of Grim Fandango*

This is what you hear when you come into my room and I’m dissociating

you made it sexy

I knew the kid was trouble as soon as he walked in. The old man didn’t give me any warm fuzzies neither. Sure, I needed the job, but I had a bad feeling about it.

@copperbadge i SWARE i’ve heard this on Nero Wolfe Sam pls tell me i’m not gone mad

Something very similar, anyway. I’d have to rewatch to figure out the bit, but definitely there was a swingy horn part that was very reminiscent of this. 

Oh dear, rewatching all of Nero Wolfe. Whatever shall I do.