Me leaving kudos on AO3 fics somebody wrote in 2014 in fandoms they clearly haven’t belonged to in years:

Oh man I was super late to this party but I’m really glad this story was here for me to run into when I got here.  I hope this author realizes they haven’t been forgotten!  This was good, I’ll give it a little heart.

Me getting email notifs of kudos on AO3 fics I wrote in 2014 in fandoms I haven’t belonged to in years:  

Ah yes, the life of an aging starlet, living in moderately faded luxury on the thin daily trickle of residuals from my not-quite-forgotten art, a shade of my glory days.  Perhaps this shall be the year I find myself a new role and remind the world just what Norma Desmond can do.  Where is my writing desk and my fainting couch?

[x] I’m in this picture and I’m incandescently furious about it