Concept: a superhero whose civilian identity is five different people. Not like they’re a hive mind or they can duplicate themselves or anything – they’re just a group of five people who all have different powers but coincidentally wear roughly the same size costume, who’ve decided to team up and share the same heroic persona. As far as both the general public and the broader super-powered community know, they’re a single incredibly hard-working super with a bewildering variety of seemingly unrelated powers, except they only have access to any given power some of the time owing to complex criteria they refuse to adequately explain.

(Thus far they’ve been very careful to ensure that their heroic persona is never provably in two places at once, though honestly it’s only a matter of time; there’s some argument among the group whether to deal with that eventuality by coming clean, or by claiming that bilocation is also one of their powers.)

Each of them has a different specific weakness. After a long and harrowing fight their Archnemesis discovers that the Hero’s vulnerable to silver. Three weeks later they’ve got the Hero wrapped head to toe in silver chains, only to have the super-strong Hero break out like it was toilet paper. 

(That one’s allergic to bees, not silver.) 

The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Superhero Spandex