So, we’ve all seen the posts about how alcohol, caffeine and spicy food is viewed as horrifying poison across the galaxy, and how aliens are all suitably horrified when they see us consume it. 

Tell you what I haven’t seen mentioned, but which is also varying levels of toxic to most not human animals? Theobromine. Normally found in chocolate. 

Like, can you imagine being captured by aliens who are planning to poison you to send a message to your crew. They spend some time describing this poison, including the risk of internal bleeding, vomiting, seizures and heart palpatations as you get steadily more and more afraid. 

Then the executioner brings out a mug of steaming hot chocolate. 

I don’t know about you, but if i’d been in space for an indefinite amount of time on what are presumably carefully calculated rations, I would be kicking aliens out of the way for that cup. 

Just drink down the whole thing without breaking eye contact and watch them lose it.