tolkien: all the war and death in lotr has nothing to do with the war i was in

tolkien: just like how all the morals/good vs evil/everything my characters believe have nothing to do with my morals/beliefs/religion

tolkien: and that character that comes back from the dead has nothing to do with my religion which is based on someone coming back from the dead and uses coming back from the dead as metaphor literally constantly so don’t get any ideas

tolkien: and none of those giant evil spiders have anything to do with the tarantula that bit me either

clive staples: jirt youre literally so stupid



tolkien: that really slow grumpy tree who takes forever to get to the point or make up his mind is definitely you though

meanwhile, clive staples: Every Single Thing In This Book Including The Talking Lion Is From My Actual Life

I’m sorry but seeing y’all call CS Lewis “Clive Staples” is weirder than any of the magic or furry Jesus in either series