So, I used a bit of my freelance money, money I wasn’t counting on essentially, to sign up for the @neil-gaiman Masterclass. I really wanted to take it, to hone my craft that much more, and I am so delighted by what I’ve seen. Hearing him talk is fantastic, and he’s always been a huge favorite of mine. I’m going to “be a little too honest” and say that I honestly teared up hearing him speak about ocean at the end of the lane and Coraline. Those books meant so much to me. I would absolutely die if I met him and am totally not ashamed of how much I would fangirl. It would be one for the records. But the best part of the class so far has been that I feel like in some strange distant way, Neil’s cheering for me. He’s cheering on all the writers that take the class and who want to publish or just improve and that feels fucking incredible.

I really am.

And for those of you put off by the Masterclass cost, probably 50% of the posts on this Tumblr over the last 8 years are posts for writers. And my blog at has millions of words on it, many of which are answers to writers as well. They are waiting for you, free.