Peter: Mr. Stark I need a rocket ship ASAP

Tony: what, why?? Where are you going???

Peter, crying: It’s the Curiosity Rover’s birthday and he has to sing happy birthday all by himself on Mars and thats sad

Tony, already building a rocket: Say no more

Peter and Tony: *arrive and hop out of there rocket, only to see shuri in a super high tech space suit, holding cupcakes, and standing next to T’challa in his black panther suit because of course shuri made it so it could withstand a vaccum*

T’challa: she made me come here. It’s not too late for you if you run.

Tony, who loves all robots so fucking much: Ummmm why would we leave

Peter, holding up a gift: yeah, we brought presents!!!!

Shuri: yeah!!!!!!

T’challa, sighing: oh my god