So what, none of you punks were gonna tell me Don Cheadle out here all kingly dapper af looking like some kind of aristocratic bamf? WITH A SWORD?? I had to stroll up on this all unexpected???

I was looking for suit pictures, I wasn’t out here trying to thirst after the man, but here we are now, and I hope all of you are happy.

@copperbadge I feel like rdj would thoroughly approve

“You don’t even need my approval, Don. The sword. The strangely cut fruit. The high collar, all that velvet.”

“I was pretty proud of how it came out.”

“You should be. Some day small children will stare in awe at your magnificence.”

“….are you about to ask me to babysit?”

“You demean us both with your suspicions.”

“Chris was busy, huh?”

“I’m desperate, Don.”

[RDJ Advises Chris Evans on his Life Choices]