After everything that happened in Ragnarok, imagine Thor hearing about Steve and Tony’s fight and being like “Really?! Thats why you all stopped working together?! Just get over it! I did! I’m still friends with Loki and he’s betrayed me three times since breakfast! This petty mortal shit is nothing!”

Loki: “Can confirm, poisoning his mead right now.”

Thor: “Ha! I’ve built up an immunity.”

Now I feel I was cheated on Civil War

Steve: “Well, we disagreed about this big political thing, and I mean big – almost every country in the world was involved.”

Thor: *nodding* “Right.”

Steve: “So we started to fight, I mean really fight.  We each had about half a dozen friends backing us up.”

Thor: *nodding* “Always best to bring your friends along”

Steve: “And by the end, it was just me and Tony, and we… we really pounded each other…. no holding back.”

Thor: *nodding* “The most honorable way to fight”

Steve:  “So now we’re not friends anymore.”

Thor: “… you lost me.”