Let’s not kid ourselves – if J.R.R. Tolkien were alive today, he would have written about 75% of the story of Beren and Luthien in the form of bredliks, then gone back and re-written the first bit three different times.

My names Beren
And wen is dark
And father has
Been killd by orc
Thru monsters feerce
And full of wrath
I make my way
To Doriath.

Im Luthien
And wen I pleese
To dance at nite
Among the trees
Wile Daeron plays
His harp again
I do my dance
I charm the man.

My names Thingol
(Or Tinwelint)
Watever, yu
kno wat I ment.
If yu would wed
Then yu must steel
A silmaril.

My names Finrod
And from my cave
To help the sonn
Of ally brave
Disguised as orcs
We jorney long
To beat werewolves
I sing the song.

My names Sauron
And wen attakt
By elf or man
I must fite back
A better song
I then kan sing
I send my wolf
To eat the king.

My names Huan
From Valinor.
Three times I speak
And then no more.
When Luthien
Needs help I’m on
the job – I come
And bite Sauron.