ur personality is defined by ur favorite line in hallelujah

tag your favorite line of hallelujah

“tag your favorite line of hallelujah” scans to Hallelujah.

you tried to read the words as prose
but noticed how its scansion goes
and now you can’t unhear the tune, so screw ya
recall the phrase you love the most
then once again reblog this post
and tag your fav’rite line of hallelujah

okay that’s it I hate you all. like… fuckign done. i’ve hit the wall.

…I’m calling the Tumblr Cops to come subdue you

I hate the fact this fucking fits. I’m just about to call it quits.
Now everything just sounds like hallelujah.

You pick a phrase, you pick a rhyme, repeat the sound another time,
Five iambs, then an extra beat will do ya.
Another rhyme, a rising note – congratulations, you just wrote
Another goddamn verse to Hallelujah.