“I was in Budapest, shooting a different project. It was like 2AM in the morning, and I had to wake up at 5 to go to set. I got a call from Gareth Edwards, and he’s pretty dramatic so he says “Diego, welcome to Star Wars.” He gives you this amazing news, I started jumping, and he goes, “Wait, wait a second. You cannot tell anyone!” I go “What- what do you mean?” That’s like giving a kid a gift and saying “Yeah, this is your Christmas gift but you can just open it when you’re alone, you can never share it with anyone!” I went to the next morning to set at 5AM, with a huge smile like this. And I sit down in the makeup trailer and the makeup girl goes like, “Oh, what happened last night?” And I go like, “Um… uh… I got laid.” And then I start describing it, I needed to get it out! “Oh, it was the best time ever! It was at 2AM in the morning and it lasted ‘til 5 and I feel refreshed…” (x)