Clowns Versus Mimes






who will win

Mimes. The mimes will trap the clowns in an invisible box. How will the clowns get out? They can’t.

I think clowns have a sort of inherent agility that will prevent them from being put in any situation where they’re vulnerable to being put in an invisible box. Mimes do have a greater variety of weapons available to them and can restore health by pretending to drink a drink

worth mentioning that mimes are unable to act unless they signal their actions through body language. in this sense, clowns are capable of a type of deception that mimes simply cannot replicate. the clowns limited toolset cannot be used much on its own, but if they unlocked enough recepies in their skilltree, they can be deadly

Another thing to keep in mind is that clowns are, from all indication, infinitely compressible (as exemplified by clown cars). The question is how exactly this will come into play in mime on clown combat.