listen, i’m not saying that sensory processing disorder is basically the same as having daredevil-style supersenses, but that’s exactly what i’m saying

on a related note, i’m concerned that matt has only realized the bad things of strong sensory processing. like i don’t think matt takes full advantage of all of the things that are Amazing

is matt murdock playing with soft fabrics all the time? is matt murdock listening to Super Nice sounds? does he have a soap he loves the smell of? is he squishing flour in his hands? is he thumbing through book pages? is he petting cats? has matt murdock stuck his face in a warm soft cat belly recently 

has matt ever played with marbles? what about a single heavy round metal marble? does matt play with sea glass? does matt take warm baths? does matt take warm baths and put cold ice packs on his head at the same time? does matt suck on ice cubes? 

i just don’t think he’s doing this supersenses thing right and i would like to show him. like, matt. this is very important. i need you to take these scissors and run them down this wrapping paper for me. it will feel so great. matt. stop punching people for a second and stick this sticker to something. matt we need to wash your hair Super well also please put your hand in the sleeve of this fuzzy robe and touch it to the rest of the robe it’s like being a tiger. matthew michael murdock we are going to the yarn store Right This Minute to touch some stuff and buy nothing, also put your hand in this dirt it feels amazing this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened ever and you’re missing it why

We don’t see Matt Murdock indulging in these because he still has complicated Catholic guilt when it comes to feel-good situations like no i’m not worthy of sticking my hand into this bag of rice i have sinned.