these images evokes royalty, each is a very different type. 

Beyoncé РThe Empress РAt the height of her power, her throne is unassailable, though many try. Strength in every step, her court always in attendance. You will never see the strike coming.

Rihanna – The Child Queen – She crowns herself, trembling but determined, still mourning the things she has lost but refusing to be cowed. No one will claim her suffering but herself.

Nicki – The Anointed Queen – She rules by divine right, lit with a power that is as much spiritual as earthly. Her subjects are her children and she will raise them up, inspiring them with their own worth.

Janelle – The Warrior Queen – She leads a band of poet-warriors, a queendom both young and aggressive, but full of hope for a future that she will fight for, unafraid.