Oh, the sweet innocent soul who said something along the lines of “the Star Wars fandom is too big to disagree about anything!”


The Star Wars fandom is always ready to fight itself, canon, the EU, the New EU, the various gradations of the old EU, the movies, the shows, the comics, the video games, George Lucas, JJ Abrams, Dave Filoni, the actors, the voice actors, the writers, Dark Horse, Marvel, Del Rey, other fandoms, the real world, actual facts…

If you can name it, we will fight about it.  We will probably fight about what you named it.

The canon wars were ORGANIZED. There was a RANK STRUCTURE.

Discussions of the length of Super Star Destroyer were at one point banned from TF.N. Some fandoms have ship wars. Okay, most fandoms have ship wars. We had ship length wars.

You haven’t seen drama until you’ve seen what TheForce.Net was like in the early 2000s.