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It’s Wednesday which means new Distraction Pieces Podcast!
And we haven’t nerded out comic books for a while have we so its time we get back to that with the MIGHTY Kieron Gillen (@kierongillen) and Jamie McKelvie (@mckelvie)!
Together these two have worked on some of the biggest and most praised titles of recent years, culminating in the recent HUGE of The Wicked & the Divine being one of the biggest indie releases in recent years.
Having previously had many great writers (Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis) it’s was amazing to get a writer AND an artist in together to learn how those relationships are balanced.
We talk about so many of the projects they have worked on (Wick&Div, Uber, Captain Marvel, Young Avengers, Darth Vader and many many more) and also about the industry and process in general.
It was HEAVEN for me to get to have a good ole nerd out with two guys that I have nothing but love and respect for so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.
Annoyingly I forgot to take my camera in with me so I snapped some of my own copies of their work for the cover pic and to show how much of a fanboy I truly am…haha.
So download, stream, enjoy, subscribe, rate, share…do all the things…and do them for FREE.

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